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No more unwanted phone calls!

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Phone lines are one of the worst remains of early technology. We are our phone's hostage - whenever someone calls us the attention is drawn to the phone, no matter if it is a relevant call or not.

Who isn’t annoyed by unwanted phone calls, but see for yourself 👇

New Era Phone Features

What does Unlined do?

Block Unknown Callers

Unknown Callers are directly sent to voicemail, having no chance of disturbing you. Decide on your own when you want to review past calls and the callers' voicemail messages.

Show Known Callers

Known Callers will not let your phone ring but only send a notification to your phone. Review the call reason through Unlined's transcripts and decide if you want to answer.

Prioritize Trusted Callers

Create a list of Trusted Callers. They are the only ones who can get directly through to you. And if you're busy, Unlined informs your Trusted Caller so they know to only ring for urgent cases.

A solution that can really simplify my life as an individual that is always in meetings and know that my calls are screened and delivered to me at the right time would save me hours.

I would suggest  that this could be a game-changer for the market.

Simon West

Former Director at Twilio

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